Portrait Agreement Terms and conditions

Portrait Agreement – Terms and conditions

1. Any session fee must be paid at the time of the shoot where applicable

2. If you are late to your session, you may miss your slot due to other bookings. This will result in no shoot but the session fee will still be payable.

3. The session fee only includes what is stated. They do not include any other images, prints or any other media – this must all be purchased separately through a viewing session or online gallery.

4. Photographs taken by Simon Walker (Simon Walker Photography) may be used for the purposes of display, advertising, portfolio, website or any publication to promote my business.

5. At no time should my work be copied/saved to a computer/hard drive, shared online/social media or printed without express written consent. This is a breech of copyright and therefore illegal. If you purchase the digital files, these releases will be included. However, any watermarked Facebook images posted by Simon Walker Photography may be freely shared with your friends and family by way of a link back to the original content.

6. Portrait sessions for nursery school and playgroups photographs will not be posted online unless it is in a password protected gallery but are still subject to the conditions in item 5.

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